Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well it is official I am the worst blogger ever so here is one huge post to get you through the rest of 2012. Then we will see how I do for this year:)
We went to Lagoon with Kristie and my mom. Mayz took a minute to warm up to it and then she loved it and wanted to ride every ride. We had lots of fun.
Over Labor Day we had our annual family reunion in Pine Valley, complete with olympic games, volleyball, dutch oven, and freezing cold water fight!
Mayzie turned 3! I cant believe she is already 3. She got her ears pierced and had a rainbow birthday party with all our family!
We went to the Kangaroo Zoo with Zelle and Sammie!

Mayz was Jessie and Blake was a pink poodle. We carved pumpkins and rode ponies at Thanksgiving Point.
I ran my first half marathon in November with my sisters. This was Alli's second and mine and Katie's first. We did decent and hope to improve our time this year. 
Mayz is still not a fan of Santa. Maybe next year. Blake didn't really seem to care. 
We went to Temple Square and froze. Mayzie loved the lights. 

We had a visitor this year and he did some pretty mischievous things around the house.  

 We had an awesome Christmas and got to spend time with each of our families. The girls were spoiled rotten. The highlight was being able to skype with Elder Allred. He is doing so good!


And this is how are New Year's Eve was spent!! Exciting I know. They were pretty exhausted! I love my family! 
So there you have it. This is what has been happening with the Conner family!

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