Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well it is official I am the worst blogger ever so here is one huge post to get you through the rest of 2012. Then we will see how I do for this year:)
We went to Lagoon with Kristie and my mom. Mayz took a minute to warm up to it and then she loved it and wanted to ride every ride. We had lots of fun.
Over Labor Day we had our annual family reunion in Pine Valley, complete with olympic games, volleyball, dutch oven, and freezing cold water fight!
Mayzie turned 3! I cant believe she is already 3. She got her ears pierced and had a rainbow birthday party with all our family!
We went to the Kangaroo Zoo with Zelle and Sammie!

Mayz was Jessie and Blake was a pink poodle. We carved pumpkins and rode ponies at Thanksgiving Point.
I ran my first half marathon in November with my sisters. This was Alli's second and mine and Katie's first. We did decent and hope to improve our time this year. 
Mayz is still not a fan of Santa. Maybe next year. Blake didn't really seem to care. 
We went to Temple Square and froze. Mayzie loved the lights. 

We had a visitor this year and he did some pretty mischievous things around the house.  

 We had an awesome Christmas and got to spend time with each of our families. The girls were spoiled rotten. The highlight was being able to skype with Elder Allred. He is doing so good!


And this is how are New Year's Eve was spent!! Exciting I know. They were pretty exhausted! I love my family! 
So there you have it. This is what has been happening with the Conner family!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Vacation!!

So we went on Vacation this summer with Bren's dad's family. 12 of us including 3 kids in car seats packed up in a 12 passenger van and started our journey to California!!
We drove halfway to Vegas the first day and spent sometime shopping and hanging out. Then we traveled the rest of the way to California! Bren got Blakely dressed that morning and decided to start a new fashion trend with the tag in front:)
 The next day we got up and went to Church and then headed to the beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We went to Huntington Beach and had a great time. Mayz didnt like the ocean but she sure loved the sand. The boys did some boogie boarding while the girls watched and enjoyed the sunshine.
 Then it was time to go to Disneyland!!! We had talked about it so much with Mayz and she was so excited. But to our disappointment she did not love it so much. She was afraid of all the rides and did not want to meet the characters. She loved getting the princesses autographs but didn't want to get close for pictures. Stinking kid. She loved the parades because she could wave at them from a distance. Gotta love the girl. Most of us went back to the park around 10 and stayed till midnight when the park closed. We rode splash mountain 3 times in a row without even having to get off. It was great, we were soaked but had a blast!
 Our second day at Disneyland Mayz warmed up a little. But it wasn't until around 5 that we went on the Monster's Inc ride and she loved it and wanted to go again and then wanted to go ride all of the rides. So we only had a few hours to pack in as many rides as we could because we had to head back to Vegas that night. But we got a few in and she loved it so it was a sucess!!

We all slept in the next morning because we didnt get to Vegas till about 4 AM. We hung out at the pool because it was soooo hot and then headed home. It was a quick trip but we had an awesome time! Can't wait to take Mayz back to Disneyland, hopefully she wont be scared next time!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mayzie Update!

Well I cant believe it but my Mayzie girl is going to be 3 in a month. How did she get so big so fast?!? This girl is a ball of energy full of attitude and laughs. She is miss independent and wants to do everything by herself. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it. She is a goof ball and keeps me smiling all the time. She loves anything princess or disney, loves to play dress ups and have tea parties, loves to play with cousins and friends, loves her little sister, loves swimming and being outside, loves to snuggle up and watch a movie, loves to put on makeup and paint her finger nails, loves to help mom in the kitchen, and loves to play on my phone. We sure love this girl!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blakey Update!

Well Blakely is now 4 months old and I cannot believe it. She is such a great baby and just full of smiles. She is so easy to get a smile out of and her smile will just melt you. A few highlights- we blessed her in June, she won the strawberry days baby contest and got to ride in the parade, and went on her first vacation in July! At 4 months she loves to talk/yell, she loves to chew on her hands, she has rolled over twice, she hates tummy time, she has not lost any of that beautiful hair, she giggles and it is so sweet, she weighs 13lbs 6 oz, she usually sleeps through the night but is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, we are hoping it is a growth spurt or teething so we can get back to our normal routine, she loves Mayzie and lights up when she is around (usually), she is a bit of a momma's girl. We sure love our Blakers!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss Blakely!

My cute Blakely girl is already almost 2 months old. I seriously cant even believe it. She is getting big way too fast. We sure love her. She is starting to smile and it is so adorable.
Pretty Blue Eyes!

Her most favorite past time

Pretty Girl!

Mayzie's Self Portraits:)

Mayzie figured out how to use my camera and now everytime I go through pictures on it I find tons of self portraits of Miss Mayzie. She is such a goofball. These are just a few.

Friday, April 13, 2012

All Better!!

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday and this cute gal got her cast off!! She was a little nervous and did not like the saw at all, but she was brave and everything is looking great. She still walks a little gimpy but it's getting better! So happy to have that thing off!

Her last picture with her pink cast!
All better!

Blakely also had her 2 week check up. She has already gained 1 pound and grown 2.5 inches. She is happy and healthy and doing awesome! I sure love my girls!!